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New Fitness Equipment Allows Exersise Anywhere

There are plenty of people out there who say they want to lose weight, but seem to be using every excuse in the book as to why they can't start working out. "My apartment/house is too small to have all that bulky exersise equipment." "I don't have time." "I get enough exercise at work." The fact is, that most of these statements can be proven false. If you have 15 minutes and at least a foot of floor space (Who doesn't?) you have enough room and enough time for a workout. Don’t be fooled into think that what you do at work is enough to keep you healthy and in shape. It's not. Unless you're working so hard that you can't keep up a conversation, you're not raising your cardio levels enough to burn off unhealthy fat and calories. In other words. That’s just not going to cut it.

Let's address the first excuse on our list of reasons why a person can't exercise. “My apartment/house is too small for exersise equipment.” Well you can't use that as an excuse. If you don’t have room in your home for a pair of 5 or 10 pound hand weights then you must live in a bread box. Even if you think hand weights are too "bulky" there are other options. Resistance exercise bands can give you a strength training workout just like weights can and without taking up a lot of room. You can stick these things in a drawer, purse, briefcase or just about anywhere. You can even take them to the office or work and get a workout there. Plus there are mini-stepper machines that take up a little more space than a single square of kitchen floor tile, as well as other small pieces of fitness equipment. There went excuse number one.

Exersise Equipment And Workouts Can Keep You Fit

Even a 15 minute workout, with or without exersise equipment, will have benefits for your overall health. Your heart and body will love you for squeezing in those few minutes each day. Skip 15 minutes of your favorite show or better yet, watch it while you workout and the time will simply slip away. You might even make it through the whole program before you realize it. What's that? You don't have 15 minutes? Even three 5 minute workouts can help. You probably waste five minutes flipping through commercials or looking at a magazine or newspaper which, while fine for your mind, won't do anything for your health.

Before using exersise equipment of doing any kind of workout, speak to your doctor. He or she may have limitations or suggestions depending on your health condition.

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