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Elliptical Machines: Better Exercise & Equipment

If you are looking for a great way to change your workout routine, the exercise equipment elliptical trainer could be exactly what you need. It is not exceptionally common for people to purchase elliptical trainers to use in their homes, but that does not mean that you could not do so. They are used more frequently, however, in gyms as a great way to get a challenging cardio workout. They mimic the motion of running but have virtually no impact on the knees or other joints, making this exercise equipment elliptical machine a good alternative for people with injuries or joint problems.

Exercise Equipment Elliptical Training

In terms of exercise equipment, elliptical trainers are gaining in popularity. They are especially popular with runners because the true motions involved in running can actually be replicated with this machine, unlike other alternatives like stair climbers or skiing machines. For those of you not familiar with the exercise equipment elliptical machines, they look somewhat like a treadmill. However, instead of the moving belt, there are two foot pedals that you stand on. The pedals revolve, making a circle so that a running gait can be replicated. However, since the feet never leave the pedals, there is no impact. This means that elliptical machines are great on a runner's rest day or for use when injured.

Another thing that is great about elliptical trainers is that they can be used at any speed and the running gait is still maintained. For example, you can use them to go on a leisurely jog or for quick sprint workouts. Because the speed of the revolving foot pedals is controlled by the person on the machine and the speed of their leg turnover, it is easy to use the machines for interval workouts, going from slower paces to a full sprint. Even though there is no impact on the joints, exercise on elliptical machines is still weight-bearing, so it is a good way for people--especially women--to strenghten their bones and build bone mass without the risk of tiny fractures.

The exertion level that is perceived by the person that is using the elliptical machine is about the same as actually running, so this is one of the most effective alternatives to running that someone could try. It is best to let your arms fall into the normal running arm movement, as well, instead of holding onto the hand rails because this will give you a better workout and make the movements more natural.

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