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Exercise Machines and Equipment Are Universal

As far as exercise equipment universal goes, this is pretty much your only option. Unless you are ready to shell out serious money to specially equip or build your own piece of exercise equipment, you will be buying exercise equipment that is universal in design, built to accommodate the majority of people who fit the “average” distinction. Although it is often hard to define what is “average” when talking about body size, weight, or any other personal characteristics, exercise equipment is much easier to build universally than other products because the range of what is described as average is much larger, accommodating many more people.

Exercise Equipment Universal Is Good News

Most exercise equipment universal is adjustable to meet everyone’s individual needs and preferences or requires no modification. Consider, for example, treadmills. Treadmills do not have to be adjusted for different heights, weights, etc. The main characteristic of a treadmill that changes is its speed—and possibly also an incline level. For this reason, everyone can use a treadmill, regardless of how tall they are, how fast they run, how much they weigh, etc. Stationary bicycles, on the other hand, do often require more adjustment and individual modification, but it is very easy to do. The seat height can be adjusted to accommodate different heights and biking preferences and many handlebars even move to give added flexibility and comfort.

Although most exercise equipment is universal in design, this does not mean that all equipment is right for everyone. There are many minor variations between types of machines, brands of machines, models of machines, etc. Many small characteristics of a piece of exercise equipment can have a big impact on whether or not a person likes a machine and is able to use it well within his or her workout routine. And there are some important characteristics of exercise equipment that will exclude some people from using the machine. For example, many elliptical machines, gliders, and stair climbers—among others—have a weight limit they can safely support. People who exceed this weight limit are not recommended to use the machine. This, however, is often the only stipulation as far as exercise equipment goes.

So, now that you know exercise equipment universal, how does this affect your buying decisions? Well, actually not much. You should still be a very discerning consumer and diligently test out and personally evaluate any equipment you are seriously considering. Find out before you ever buy it whether or not you like how it moves and how you can move on it. Know if you are comfortable and if the movements feel natural and relaxed. This is the best way to make a smart decision and invest in a product that will give you the results you want.

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