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Many people have started using the exercise equipment glider in order to build their personal fitness, lose weight, or increase muscle strength. As with all exercise equipment, there are machines that are right for some people and not right for others. If you are thinking about a glider, there are many factors to take into consideration. It is important to give each piece of potential exercise equipment a thorough evaluation and review before committing to it and purchasing it because exercise equipment that sits in your home unused does nothing to improve your fitness or the numbers in your bank account. Many people have found that they really enjoy working out with the exercise equipment glider, but it is up to you to decide for yourself.

Reasons to Try the Exercise Equipment Glider

Although anyone can decide to use the exercise equipment glider, there are some people who are probably more inclined to like the machine. Gliders, also known as elliptical trainers, operate by simulating a natural running motion and form. Because the feet remain firmly planted on foot pedals that cycle around in elliptical circles, the machine is completely no-impact. It can be used at all different speeds, from a slow jog to a fast sprint, as dictated by the individual person. Although it is recommended to allow the arms to swing naturally (just like when running), there are usually railings that people can hold on to if they desire more stability and comfort.

Because the exercise equipment glider does simulate a running motion, runners especially tend to like this machine. It offers a great alternative for cross-training on easy or rest days because it is no-impact. This means that runners can still get a very good workout like running without pounding on their shins, knees, or other joints. Additionally, gliders are great for people who are trying to recover from injuries like joint problems, shin splints or bone fractures. Exercising on a glider is still a weight-bearing activity, so it helps build bone mass without the stress of running or walking.

One word of caution about some gliders is that there is currently a lawsuit against one maker of the machine. It seems there is a defect in some of their machines that causes them to malfunction and has resulted in numerous injuries. The Weider Shape Glide, Weider Power Glide, and Weslo Shape Trainer are the three machines that have experienced problems, so if you have any of these or know of someone who does, stop using the machine and contact the company for a repair kit. Other brands and models of gliders have experienced no problems, though, so you do not have to steer clear of gliders altogether.

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