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Excersise Options and the Trampoline

It is likely that you have not actually seen an excersise trampoline recently--let alone actually considered using it--but this does not mean that you should ignore it as a worthwhile piece of excersise equipment. Because of the large range and diversity of excersise equipment available, it is impossible to say that some of the options work for all people or do not work for anyone. Although there are pieces of excersise equipment that do not fare well in scientific studies concerning the physical effectiveness of excersise equipment, in most cases the results of the equipment depends on each individual user and his or her particular situation.

Benefits of an Excersise Trampoline

If you think of an excersise trampoline as having little or no fitness benefit and serving mostly as a fun activity, you need to think again. Using an excersise trampoline for regular excersise or at least incorporating it into a larger excersise routine can have many advantages. One of the easiest to understand benefits of an excersise trampoline is the fun factor. Anyone who has ever tried to start an excersise routine knows that motivation--or the lack of--is one of the greatest impediments to continued success. People find themselves bored with their excersise because it is not fun for them. An excersise trampoline can change all that because it does not really feel like excersise. Sure, you will most likely be tired after fifteen to thirty minutes of continuous jumping, but doesn't it seem more appealing and less painful than running for that long? Jumping on a trampoline can make you feel like a kid again, distracting you from the reality that you are actually excersising.

Another benefit of an excersise trampoline is that is a great weight-bearing excersise because of its shock absorption. As people get older, especially women, it is important that they engage in weight-bearing excersise--such as walking or running--to maintain strong bones and continue to strengthen them. However, as joints age this often becomes a problem. Trampolines absorb much of the impact, so nearly everyone from small children to older adults can engage in the activity. In addition to being a weight-bearing activity, jumping on an excersise trampoline also works as an aerobic activity, burning calories and fat because of the continual motion.

Convenience is an important benefit of an excersise trampoline, as well. Parents with small children can use the trampolines at home while they watch their children. On days with inclement weather, people who normally run or walk can modify their activities so they can be done on a trampoline in the comfort of their home instead. Excersise trampolines are generally small enough to store underneath a bed or in a closet, so space is not a concern.

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