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Equipment Options for Exercise: Treadmill

In terms of popularity, the exercise equipment treadmill is probably one of the biggest sellers. You can undoubtedly name at least one person you know--if not more--who owns a treadmill. It is also common, however, for many people to own treadmills yet never use them. Many people get bitten by the exercise bug, planning to start a serious, committed exercise routine. Thinking that investing in an expensive piece of exercise equipment will help them persist in their workouts, they often decide on purchasing a treadmill without seriously considering whether or not it is right for their needs. This is not to say that treadmills are not a good idea. For some people, treadmills are a great investment because the equipment fits into their exercise schedule and personality.

Considering Exercise Equipment Treadmill

There are many things to take into consideration before purchasing the exercise equipment treadmill. First of all, think about how often you plan on using it. If you want it to be your primary exercise option, remember that this means you will be exercising indoors and alone most of the time. For some people, this is great. Parents of young children, for example, or people who live in places with especially inclement weather may have a hard time finding time to exercise outside. The alone factor is another consideration. Some people gain a great deal of motivation from workout partners and the idea of exercising alone is so unappealing that they often do not exercise at all.

Runners often benefit from--and really use--the exercise equipment treadmill because they run so frequently. They may not use it everyday for their normal workouts but on days when they cannot leave the house or when the weather the bad. Others who are committed to their workout schedules but do not like to brave rainy or extreme temperature days may use the treadmill for this purpose, as well.

Most treadmills have a range of speeds so that they can be used for walking, running, or even sprint. One great thing about treadmills is that you can maintain a normal stride and rhythm so running is perfectly replicated on the machine. However, in some cases treadmills can place greater strain and impact on sensitive joints, like the knees or hips because of what the running surface is made of. Another good feature of treadmills is their ability to create various levels of incline, ranging from very slight to somewhat steep. This feature, along with the different speeds, gives people the option of quite a few workouts on the treadmill.

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